Welcome to the official MOGLO website. 
It is a pleasure for us to be able to welcome you all here, not only because we love sharing what we do with you, but because our new homepage allows us to welcome all of you from so many places into our family, which is also from all over the world. MOGLO isn't only rock&roll, or only klezmer, or only rhythm&blues, or only reggae - MOGLO is what happens when people who love eachother from Canada, Brazil, Europe and America come together and create the music that naturally flows between them.

Again, welcome to this wonderful ride of ours, and see you at the show.

MOGLO - Internationalität PUR



We can't wait - our new song 'You're Welcome Here' is about to be released!

Make sure to download our latest song: Star of David Mojo Skateboard - now on iTunes!