MOGLO is an international rock&roll band based in Hessen, Germany.  The band is fronted by singer/songwriter/producer Michal Bandac, and with Daniel Schenker on drums/percussion and Dirk Kunz and founding member Fernando Yokota alternating on the bass, the rhythm section moves like a locomotive.  Although MOGLO´s fundemental core is a power-trio, the band´s "extended family" features a talented cast of characters including guitarists Paul Hilger and founding member Julian Gee, singer/actress Franziska Knetsch, keyboardist Olaf Roth, drummer Max Jung-Poppe, violinists Elisa Friedrich and Matt Andrews, and many more from all over the world.

"Crushing...with a rhythm section that makes The Who's Keith Moon and John Entwistle sound like a lounge act."

- John Daly, Toronto Globe and Mail

"MOGLO kann man als Mischung bezeichnen die entsteht wenn Sly Stone und die Rolling Stones für The Police in Jane´s Addictions Landhaus kochen und

John Lennon, sowie ein Rabbi als Gäste eingeladen sind"

"MOGLO can be described as what it would sound like if "Sly Stone and the Rolling Stones made dinner for The Police in Jane's Addiction's country house and invited John Lennon and a few Rabbi's."

- FRIZZ Magazine